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The old British sweetshop played a most enjoyable part of life if you were brought up in the U.K.  A daily visit on the way home from school was the highlight of the day.  We at Dickens have re-created those nostalgic feelings with our large selection of truly British toffees in our sweet shop, from jelly babies and bon bons to pear drops and licorice pipes.  In our sweet shop you will find over 250 varieties of British sweets in the original glass jars, toffees and your favorite British chocolate bar. Also we have a mouth - watering selection of sugar free treats.

 British Travel
Sweets . . .
an all time favourite!

   You can still buy "1/4 of a pound"


250 varieties of sweets  . . . all in original glass jars - all your favourite chocolate bars
the toffees, mints, bon bons and sweets you remember and love.


Visit our "Kids zoo" with all the sweets and toffes they will love.

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Dickens  Sweets & Museum is located at 
45945 Alexander Avenue, Chilliwack, B.C.

We are open Monday to Saturday 9.00am until 5.00pm,  closed Sunday and statutory holidays .
For more information on the sweetshop or any departments e-mail:
info@dickenssweets  Telephone: 604.793.1981

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